Sell Online/on Mobile

Ready products data & images set to your store. Start getting orders right away

QR Code

Make your store accessible using QR Code. Your customer can scan, bookmark & place orders

Text Message Alert

Receive text message when customer places an order. Share order details with delivery boy via text/whatsapp

Mobile Commerce

Set up Cash on delivery or get paid via online payment methods (Paytm, etc.)


Dedicated telephonic support to help you update product / service information

Customer Friendly

Simple steps for Customers to purchase your products online

Download App or Scan QR Code

Scan QR code Bookmark store as APP icon


Online payment via Credit card / Net Banking or Cash on delivery

Order Tracking

No login required to view order status
View past orders

Easy Ordering

Orders can be placed on the move or when at home relaxing

Text Message

Instant alerts when order is placed and on delivery

Repeat Orders

Repeat orders on regular basis with single click

Doing Business Online

Put your products and services in the hands of your Customers for repeat business

Customer View

Shop Owner

The company is very easy to work with. I made my store online within 2 hours. Now I don't have to pick up a phone to take orders. Orders are coming in via text message which include address details. I decide whether to accept cash upon delivery or to collect payments online.


This is so simple to use! I can easily select items to purchase and place my order. For me on a monthly basis I get text messages and receive a delivery at home, great experience using this online service.